Rot or Termite Damage Repair

Termite Damage Repair​

While an inspection performed by Franz Termite Control is often referred to as a “Termite Inspection”, this is actually a misnomer. The “official” term for our inspection is a “Wood Destroying Pest and Organisms Inspection”. Our trained and licensed inspectors are looking for so much more than just termites.

One of the largest sources of damage in wooden structures is rot or fungus damage. More wood is destroyed each year by fungus (rot) decay than by all of the fires, floods, and termites combined!


We are very experienced in treating fungus decay and have a patented approach to attacking it and a craftsman’s approach to fixing it. For more information on this service, see our 

In addition to being a licensed termite control operator Franz Termite Control is also a licensed general contractor specializing in rot and termite damage repair as well as remodeling of rotted areas and repair, replacement and modification of structural elements of a building.


Repairing rot and termite damage is a unique skill. It requires extensive knowledge in all phases of construction—to dismantle the damaged area and to repair the underlying structure.  This kind of damage can occur anywhere in the home’s architecture or on its exterior—in the walls or foundations of structures or in the beams of Eichler homes.


Special attention must be given to choice of materials and techniques used. Careful, seamless restoration demands a craftsman’s touch like ours, gained by years of experience in this highly specialized area.


All our repair crews are headed by an experienced foreman with years of accumulated knowledge gained by doing this kind of work—a true craftsman and sometimes an artist when it comes to restoring damaged areas.

Crawlspace Moisture Causes Rot

In the crawlspace beneath your building, a high level of humidity can prompt an insidious rot in the structures that support your floor. You may notice that your home feels more humid than usual, or perhaps an unidentified odor indoors. These can range from subtle to very obvious crawlspace moisture problems and should be addressed before the support structure for your home collapses. A few other problems that an overly humid crawlspace can present is dust mites. These issues can be harmful if left untreated lurking beneath your floors and it’s something that should be addressed by a professional.

Franz Termite Control will help you identify sources of high crawlspace moisture and provide solutions to target and eradicate the fungus. If you suspect that this may become a problem in the future, or just want to take diligent precautions, we can offer advice and explain our prevention methods in detail. Call us for any questions at all regarding termite control or crawlspace fungus control 

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