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Treat. Restore. Protect.

Franz Termite Control. 

In business for over 50 years – We are your Termite Experts.

TREAT – We offer options for eliminating termites and will help you choose what’s best for you.

RESTORE – Repair and restoration of termite and rot damage is our specialty.  Our expert construction crew will make it look as good as new (maybe even better!)

PROTECT – Treatment and repair is guaranteed.  We’re here to protect your home from termites and damage.



If your house hasn’t been checked in a few years or you think you might have termites contact us today to schedule an appointment.   If you know you have termites contact us now for treatment options and pricing.


No free lunch for termites

If you have termites eating away at your house, we will let you know your options for eradication and
prevention of future infestation. There is often more than one way to get rid of your unwanted

guests (we’re talking only about termites here)



We can make it good as new (or better)

Franz Termite Control is also a licensed general contractor specializing in termite and rot damage
restoration and structural repair for nearly 50 years. From small repairs to large projects requiring

engineering and building permits, we are your repair experts.


Getting it done Right Guaranteed

We are committed to eliminating your termite problem. You’ll feel safe and confident in your termite
free home backed by our termite-free guarantee. Check out our warranties, They are among the Best

in the Business – If the termites come back so do we – It’s that simple.

We Take the Bite out of Termites !!!

A family-owned and operated business, Franz Termite Control has been providing full-service termite control for homes and businesses in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Alameda counties for nearly 50 years!

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