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Fumigation Preparation

Exterior Preparation


Preparation often includes the following: trim plants, trees, hedges, ground cover, and other growth 12 inches away from building; remove all potted and indoor plants including any plants under the roof overhang and patio cover; remove TV antennas; detach drain pipes and fences; remove any loose ground cover (bark, gravel, ivy, etc).

Preparation work is usually done by our fumigator, but on occasion, if there is a lot of work needed or if there are special or unusual conditions, it may be necessary for us to engage a fumigation prep specialist for you at additional cost. In that case, we make arrangements for that in advance.

The price quoted for fumigation may or may not include the preparation work that is needed. If there is a large amount of work or specialized work is needed, there may be additional charges; but we will go over this with you in the estimate you receive.

Fumigation Preparation—Interior Preparation Exterior Preparing for the fumigation involves removing plants and animals from the house, as well as removing many household items such as foods or medications (or sealing them in special nylofume bags). Furniture, linens, bedding, clothing, dishes, cookware, etc., can all stay in the house and will not be affected by the fumigation process.

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