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  • Flori Thomas

Remodel Your Home On Your Own Terms

The time has come; you’re remodeling your home. Seemed as though your furniture did not last as long as you would have preferred.

After all, you just remodeled your home two years ago when you first moved in.

You are picking out the new colors, counter tops, and even furniture. The budget is established and the days are planned.

You have hired contractors and one brings crucial information to your attention.

“Termite Infestation!!” You go into a state of shock.

He mentions that since your remodeling, this would be a good time to tackle this new problem. He tells you that you should contact a termite professional a.s.a.p!!! After all, the termites will only keep damaging your property.

You begin asking him if he has any recommendations for which company

you should use. He calls out to check with his colleague.

“Hey, Mike!! Who were those termite guys who did termite treatments in three phases?

Mike yells back, "Treat, Restore, and Protect? They’re called Franz Termite Control.


Those guys are the real deal. They not only restore the damages but they make sure the termites don’t come back after the treatments!” Mike exclaims.

You begin to research Franz Termite Control and come to the conclusion that they are everything you need to bounce back from this threat to your home. They have over 40 years experience and you’ll feel safe again in your termite free home because their service is backed by their termite free guarantee. Remodel your home on your own terms.

To schedule an inspection, get a quote or for more information call

(650) 493-0445 Franz Termite Control at or fill out our Contact Form and we will reach out to you.

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