Unlike most of the big, nationally franchised, or large corporate pest control chains which often don’t perform inspections for Real Estate transactions, Franz Termite Control is are here to provide San Mateo and Santa Clara County residents with thorough and fair inspections.  Our Real Estate inspections include written reports that provide the information home buyers and sellers need to properly evaluate a property.


Because termite treatment requirements can vary depending on the type of termite along with the location and the extent of the infestation, rely on specialists like Franz Termite Control to make sure you’re termite free. Not only do we offer an unparalleled guarantee – if the termites return so do we!


Reach out for the most effective termite treatment in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda Counties and the surrounding Bay Area.


Franz Termite Control offers a variety of treatment methods based on each homes specific needs, unique qualities or type of construction. Our primary corrective actions following treatment or fumigation include both Rot or Fungus Damage Repair and Crawlspace Moisture Prevention. Each corrective action may require a different approach, tools, and equipment.


Let us help put your home back in order – Franz Termite Control is proud to be a California State Licensed Contractor.

Insured and Guaranteed

At Franz Termite Control we always put our customers first. We stand by our work and it shows.Nothing says that better than the Franz Termite Control Guarantee.

If the termites come back...SO DO WE!!!