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Not all fumigations are equal – Check out the Franz Fumigation difference


ALL fumigations done by us have a 3 year warranty – If the termites come back so do we.  Many companies only have a 1 year warranty

Termite Pellet Removal Included


Covering and /or removal of existing evidence of infestation is included, if called for in the report.  Most companies charge or this.

What is this? – The most common indication of drywood termite infestation is the termite droppings.  An important part of any fumigation is to remove these droppings so that a baseline is set and old droppings are not misidentified as the active infestation is future inspections.  Our crew will return to your property to perform this at no additional charge.

Fumigation Food Bags Included

Many companies charge for fumigation bags. We provide up to 20 bags at no extra charge.

Check-up Included

When you have Franz Termite Control perform a fumigation a checkup inspection in the 3 year warranty period is included.  We will schedule the inspection to be performed close to the end of the warranty period. Our check-up includes the hard to reach areas, such as the attic and subarea crawl space. If there are any signs of new termite infestation we’ll take care of it.No other company includes this with their fumigation.

Exterior Prep Work Included

Standard Exterior preparation work is included in the price – If special preparation is needed, we will let you know.

On-Site Walk-Through


If needed, we’ll send out our fumigator to give you a “guided tour” of the process and answer all your questions.



Call us 650-493-0445  to schedule your fumigation – Our staff can answer all your questions and is here to help you.

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